Friday, March 6, 2015

Review: The Moorigad Dragon & Dark Perceptions by Debra Kristi

A Magical Universe…
Hidden throughout the worlds are magical portals leading to the secret dimension where Mystic’s Carnival is nestled. A self-aware fair that is both carnival and circus combined, and filled with a plethora of supernatural and paranormal beings.
Performers and runaways, Kyra and Sebastian, are away visiting the human realm when they find themselves at odds. Stay hidden, or interfere with a human’s destiny?
Saving a life doesn’t go unpunished.
Kyra thinks saving Marcus’s life is easy – slick as dragon snot – and a one-time deal. The resulting bond tying her to him and enslaving her as protector is unexpected.
She didn’t expect one good deed to turn into an endless chain of good deeds. Or to complicate the relationship with her best friend, Sebastian. And she especially didn’t expect it to place her life on the line.
Kyra’s dragon must keep Marcus alive and salvage her relationship with Sebastian without losing herself or dying.
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My Review:

This story is about s shape shifting dragon Kyra she lives in a hidden world in Mystic Carnival.
She is with her best friend Sebastian in the normal world(ours) where thy like to be most, Sebastian helps her with her fire breathing. Then there is a fight above them on the bridge, three man attack one other and throw him off the bridge, they are not allowed to interfere in our world but Kyra saves th man anyway, She even takes him into her world which gives complications and soon sh has to save hi thr again.

Loved this book, nicely written, lovable characters, action an fast paced. You will love this world with dragons, the end leaves  much possibilities for the next book

Love is stronger than fear…or is it?
The last thing Sara remembers is a conflicted night out with her boyfriend, Matt, and laying out under the dark night’s sky. How she came to be seated among the crowd under the Big Top is a mystery. When and how did she get there? She doesn’t wait to find out. Whether it’s due to basic fear or the scary, hideous clowns, Sara and Matt run. Run beyond the tent walls into the deep, dark alleys of the carnival. What they find along their mad dash to the parking lot will have them redefining their idea of fun zones, thrill rides, and date nights. Fear is an eat-you-alive monster. Refusing to be defined by that monster, they will confront those fears. What they find?

Perceptions can be excruciatingly misleading…and some monsters have hidden claws.
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Great second book, where in Sara and Matt have a rough conflicting night. All Clowns seem out to murder them, Sara wants to run away but will she manage?
Short story but it isn't less darkness, action, Thriller, were you can see again that fear is your worst enemy. Look forwards to the next book.


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