Friday, March 20, 2015

Reviews: The Empire & The Rebels by Elizabeth Lang

The Empire
All Adrian Stannis wanted was a quiet corner of the galaxy where he could work on his beloved scientific experiments, but unfortunately, he was born into a world at war, where his people are struggling for survival against a vastly superior alien invasion force and he is a genius who was trained for the very thing he hates, the creation of deadly weapons.
Not to mention, he appears to have been genetically mated to a telepath by his government and he doesn’t find her…uninteresting. In fact, she appears quite intelligent.
So what will happen to this solitary man when his peace is shattered in every way possible and there is nowhere left to run?
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My Review:

This book is very intriguing and kept me on the edge of my chair, I loved the characters even the mean ones, my heart  went out to Stannis! The author is good with the way she holds your attention, you just want to look around the corner to see how the rest of the story goes.
The other planets with humans on it refuse to follow the empire and fight for them, the hero's sacrifice everything for what they feel is right.
I liked that the love scenes where not described second by second but just the beginning and it leaves the rest to your own fantasy.

The Rebels 
Adrian, Kali and Adrian’s personal assistant, Bryce are finally free of the oppressive Empire. They hide on a planet called, Orasis, a tech-4 world on the Outer Rim whose only usefulness is a low-grade source of Tri-Iridium ore. Not the kind of place to find the most advanced weapons scientist in the galaxy. Things go well, relatively, and Adrian and Kali finally have time to develop the relationship they didn’t think possible. Adrian and Bryce even start up their own fix-it business.
Then a stranger arrives on the planet.
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My Review:

The second book starts right where book one left off, you start right into a scene full with action, the hero's re escaped and hide on a planet, how ever they are far from safe when a bounty hunter comes and captivate Adrian. He is brought back to the Empire. The other go free him with help from the rebels. Adrian kidnaps a doctor, frees a man and manage to fool the guards ad bounty hunters. He manage to escape with all of them, will they be safe now? You have to read that for yourself, I personally can not wait for the third book.

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