Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review: A Path in the Darkness (book two in the Intrepid Saga) by M. D. Cooper

The colony ship Intrepid is falling into a star.
The ship’s AI has lost control of the engines and core systems. Battling a saboteur who strives to isolate him, his last act is to wake Colonel Tanis Richards from stasis.
Tanis finds herself alone on a dying ship, unable to contact the AI. She must discover what has happened and save the Intrepid from burning up in the star’s angry red light.
Even if she is successful, the journey to the colony world of New Eden is just beginning. With decades of travel ahead, she will have to find a path in the darkness.

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My Review:

This second book picke the story up where the first book ended Tanis wakes up and realize she is alone and not at New Eden yet. The ship is sabotaged and rides toward a star and she has to repair the ship to get it to get away from the star. She has no way to contact AI.  She has to find the right way to continue and get her people safe to New Eden

Great Sci Fi Book, I highly recommend to read the first book first  called Outsystem (click on the name t get there) The series is awesome, in this second book you get to know the characters a bit more, and it is still packed with goodies.!

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