Thursday, February 26, 2015

Guest Post White Night by Kathi Haacke Morehead

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Joanna Anderson Campbell lived the perfect life … loving daughter and sister, loyal friend, faithful wife, and devoted mother. She was happy and content. What more could she have asked for? Life could not have been better. At least … that’s what she believed. Until she died. Can death teach the most valuable lessons about life? Jo Campbell is about to find out.
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                                                    Guest Post:

How much of White Night is autobiographical?
You know, with the exception of a couple of “anecdotes” and the setting of the story in the town I grew up in, very little. People who know me will actually laugh when they read of Jo’s dedication to her school work and having little interest in high school social life. That was definitely NOT me.

But I did infuse the story with feelings from my life. I paid tribute to some in the book (and they know who they are). Honestly, I have to say that Jo’s epiphany at the end is all me. My life circumstances were nowhere near what Jo’s were, but what she learned – that was all me. I’m grateful that I learned it before I die. I really don’t want to go through what she did! LOL!

For the record, the only “true” stories about me are the college stories and the Easter Sunday car trip.

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