Sunday, February 1, 2015

Review Outsystem by M. D. Cooper

Major Richards needs to get out of the Sol System
Demoted by the military and hung out to dry, the media labels her the Butcher of Toro. Despite her soiled record, Tanis still one of the best military counter-insurgency officers in the Terran Space Force.
And they need her to find the terrorists responsible for trying to destroy the GSS Intrepid, a massive interstellar colony ship in the final phases of construction at the Mars Outer Shipyards.
It’ll be her ticket out of the Sol system, but Tanis discovers she is up against more than mercenaries and assassins. Major corporations and governments have a vested interest in ensuring the Intrepid never leaves Sol, ultimately pitting Tanis against factions inside her own military.
With few friends left, Tanis will need to fight for her life to get outsystem.

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I Loved Tania, such a strong and smart character, She is good at what she does, but people don't appreciate her. The book has a lot of action and mystery, the Author has a way of writing that let you see the world he created and you can place yourself in the characters shoes.  It even has some humor! Every human also has some kind of technology in them, it makes it all way cool! My Sci Fi side is very pleased!!!

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