Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Excerpt & Review Riding Redemption by Bonnie R, Paulson

Desperate to find her place in the world, Sara Beth dreams of applying for the Miss Wrangler Montana competition that tours with the rodeo circuit. 
Riding horses has become her anchor until a near fatal accident takes more from her than she’d ever willingly sacrifice. 
Determined to prove his business training, Johnny seeks out the Rourke family to call in an old favor. When he embroils himself in Sara Beth’s life, he has to prove they’re nothing more than friends. 
Seeking independence, both Sara Beth and Johnny lean on each other more and more, until love threatens their friendship. Will they seek out each other or be confused by their dreams?
Can either of them leave their past and embrace their future?
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                                                            Excerpt & Review:

Riding for Redemption Excerpt

The courage to wheel down that ramp and across the drive to the barn almost tapped 

Sara Beth out. No, she wasn’t weakened physically by it. Emotionally… well, that was a 

different story. Since talking with Rosie, Sara Beth finally understood that she needed Johnny. She 

didn’t have any friends and he made her feel… like she could love herself again. Even 

while she saw herself as broken and without value, Johnny didn’t seem to notice the legs 

or even the weakened forearms. He held her hand or spoke to her like she could irritate 

him with just a glance – giving no pardon to her because of her disability. 

A dip between the paved drive and the cement jammed her front wheel. She rocked 

back and forth to dislodge it. But nothing. She threw her head back and closed her eyes. 

Come on. Not right now. It was hard enough to make it that far. 

Maybe if she tried rolling the larger wheels back and forth while moving her body, 

she might be able to dislodge the tires. That might work. She thrust her chest forward and 

then pushed on the wheels and heaved back at the same time. 

Too much force toppled her backwards and the chair upended – with the stupid 

wheels still stuck.

“Oomph.” The air knocked out of Sara Beth and she gasped for a moment, clutching 

at the sore spot on the back of her head. Clinging to the wheel rims had saved her a worse 

fall, but how did she get out of where she’d fallen? She’d end up in some horrible fallen-

and-can’t-get-up infomercial. Crud, what did she do? 

Ego beaten and left for dead, she leaned up on her elbows and pulled until her legs 

dislodged from the seat, coming to flop beside the wheels. She glared at the worthless 

limbs. Oh, how she wanted to cut them off sometimes. 

Other times she wanted to… walk. “What am I doing?” She whispered to the grass and her lifeless lower limbs. 

Everything was turned upside down and not just literally. 

How was she going to get back inside? What did she do? Scream? 

Considering the open options and short of just standing and walking the heck out of 

there, Sara sneered at what she had to do. She inhaled deep and hollered loud. “Help! Can 

someone help?” Heat flooded her face and she hoped Michael came running, or even one 

of the older ranch hands. Not Johnny. Please, not Johnny.

I read the two books in almost one sit, they are so good! you can read them apart from each other but I recommend both. In the first book you will read more about Sara Beth and her sister's past. This book is a follow up and just as good! I so enjoy the story Sara's dreams and future seems t be ruined when she gets a bad accident, will everything be lost? what about her dream to become Miss Wrangler Montana and then there is Johnny the one that finds and saves her, will their friendship that bloomed up be ruined when love gets involved. Will Sara accept what us going on and move on, Will she still find her three mysterious sisters? ,,,, who knows go get the books!!!

In case you d want to read book 1 first, Romancing Redemption (Redemption Series Book 1)

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