Monday, August 25, 2014

Review: Terramezic Energy by John O'Riley

When a mysterious and destructive magical force strikes near Sarasota, Florida, the chief of police assigns his best investigator and arguably strongest wizard, Josephine O’Connor, to the case. As Josephine studies and investigates this mysterious phenomenon, she learns that a young woman has become a lab rat to develop stronger wizards. As Josephine tries to help the woman control her abilities, it becomes apparent that the new wizard has a volatile power that may prove impossible to contain.
Josephine and her friends face their greatest challenge yet when a hostile AI known as APU 81, created by an advanced civilization, resurfaces and targets them for termination. APU 81 has plotted for centuries to enslave humanity and the time has finally come for it to carry out its sinister plans.

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                                                                            My Review:
Terramezic Energy is book four of The Grumpy Old Wizards series, series that I so love, In this book Josephine and her friends, have to deal with more level 6 wizards and AI aka APU81 is still running around.
When the ton is hit by a mighty force the captain if police asks Josephine to investigate it, she discovers the Kirkland family that suddenly all have level 6 powers, and do not know really ho to deal with it,, when the girl is taken away fro Josephine, it becomes clear she is tested  with and on.  AI is working on enslaving humanity, Josephine and her friends do everything to stop it, with help from Perry the white being.
I loved this book read it in one sit and can't wait for more, I adore this series where Mr O'Riley write a good story, with lots of plots and twists,fast paced and you just ant more.

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