Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review: Just Desserts by Tawdra Kandle

When her friend Julia needed help forming a revenge plan against her ex-boyfriend, Ava was happy to lend a hand. She never expected that in the course of making Liam pay, she’d be the one to fall hard. . .for the one person who was absolutely off-limits. Crushing on the guy who humiliated her best friend is definitely against the girlfriend rules.
Besides, Ava has goals. Her life is all about graduating with honors and landing the perfect job. And Liam Bailey–sweet-talking, complicated son of a well-known local politician–isn’t part of those plans.
But Liam doesn’t give up easily. And he doesn’t intend to let their friends’ opinions, his parents’ disapproval or Ava’s past get in the way of what he wants–Ava’s heart.

My Review:

Just Desserts is the second book of the series, even though I do recommend to read both books, it isn't needed, you can red as stand alone.
Ava is struggles with her feelings, after her best friend is dumped in a mean way she is focus at first to get revenge, but soon she realize that she cares for Liam a lot. That is not possible, he is her best friend and roommate's  ex. Besides she did not want to be involved, she ants to study and graduate with honors. Can she get passed her feelings or will she give in to Liam who fights for her.

Again a very good boo from Tawdra Kandle's hand, she rite solid books, has strong characters, people you can relate too, I am a HUGE fan.

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