Thursday, August 21, 2014

Review: Panic by Ryan Ringbloom

Robin fell in love with Kent, the boy next door, a long time ago. Once their romance is rekindled, getting married and starting a family seems like the obvious next step. But fate throws a wrench in that plan. Now Robin is tempted to walk away from their relationship rather than settle for anything less than perfect with the man she loves.
Bailey is certainly not the boy next door, yet Shayna fell for his well-played act. But real love only exists in the movies. When a chance encounter binds them together, Shayna finds herself relying on Bailey more than she could ever have expected. And while their resources are slim and their circumstances are far from perfect, she and Bailey slowly discover that they do have something special to give….
When things don’t go exactly as planned, it’s hard not to PANIC.
MATURE CONTENT Strong Language/Sexual situations

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My review:

A true story that has hit home with a lot of us, an emotional roller coaster that is so well written, so poured with raw emotions. Robin and Kent are long time sweet hearts that know each other most of their lives, but somehow there is always something that keep each other apart, when Robin doesn't answer or returns Kent's phone calls he blames himself a lot for hat happened last time they ere together. 
When she sends a "do not attend" card back for his brother's wedding he goes see her, hat he finds out then flabbergast him, he can't believe she kept that hidden from him.

And then there is Shayna and Bailley. Shayna that is taken care of herself for so long but is only 18 years. She moves to Florida to live with her cousin. the cousin is very in love and not willing to take care of Shayna. When she meets Baily he just lost his sister and hos parents lay an emotional pressure on him, he quits school and finds a job, when Shayna gets pregnant.

I loved this Author's writing very much, there is clearly a piece of her soul in it, it is intense and you just feel it all, pain, jealousy, hate etc, I noticed that it is not just romance but real raw feelings and things that life may bring on your path, Also not just romance and sex scene's for once is refreshing. it is real life stuff. I can't wait to read more from Rayn Ringbloom

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  1. Sorry, I was away on vacation and I am finally catching up on everything. Thank you for reading and for such a sweet review!
    Love, Ryan