Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review Drake by Mike Kraus


Episode 1: Emergence

Lost to myth and legend, few believed that dragons were real, and still fewer believed they could ever return. When a covert operation resulted in their release, all the might and power of the world couldn't hold them back. With the world on the brink of defeat, the few who remain must grapple against all odds to combat an enemy that nearly drove us to the brink of extinction once before - and which is about to do so again. From bestselling author Mike Kraus (Final Dawn, Prip'Yat) comes a new, five-book series: Drake: An Oral History of the Dragon War. In what can be best described as "World War Z with dragons," Drake portrays a realistic, scientific history of the emergence of the drakes, and humanity's subsequent battle just to stay alive. The gripping 5-part series will take you around the world, examining the history of the war from all sides: political, military, civilian, scientific and more.

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My Review:

This book has a slow, little boring start, but when you get through that it id totally worth your time, it is refreshing that there are no star characters but it is done in interview style, seen from more points of view. When you like dragons it is a must read. Very well written, sort of horror but not gory details. Overall a book I do recommend.


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