Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Review: Dark Energy bu John O'Riley

Josephine uncovers an important secret about the Valituras, a power-hungry organization that has lived in secret for centuries. They have amassed powerful dark magic and infiltrated all levels of the government. Now that their existence is publicly exposed and Josephine’s discovery leads to the capture of more Valituras agents, they decide to make a big move and declare war against the country. Josephine scrambles to protect herself and her loved ones from this powerful foe.

As she uncovers more clues in her search to expose the hidden identities of the Valituras leaders, her boyfriend grapples with his new talent of white magic which proves to be a potent yet unreliable source of power. Even as Mark’s abilities expand, he struggles to avoid burnout which will lead to a coma and reversion back to mainstream magic. When the U.S. government’s MADA department hires him to attempt restoration of an ancient historical site, American Stone Henge, the Valituras target him for termination.
As Josephine’s psychometry brings her closer to the truth about the Valituras, she fears the answers will come too late.

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 My Review:

Third book in this series, I adore Josephine, she is a Lovable older lady who will do anything for family and friends. She and her friends are once again in a fight with the Valituras the are dark power. In this book they are everywhere, including in gouverment. if it wasn't for the 3 ladies and Josephine's boyfriend Mark and his strong white power then they might not have made it. Many magical creatures in this fantastic world created by Mister O'Riley. We also learn that Josephine will be young forever! I don't want to give much  away, I loved it and hope more will follow. I will say this do buy all three books, they are worth it.

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