Sunday, September 27, 2015

Review: Sapphire Beautiful by Ren Monterrey

Sapphire Beautiful by Ren Monterrey

We both joined The Club and made an arrangement. I got the money to pay my mortgage and he got access to my body, whenever and however he wanted it...
SAPPHIRE BEAUTIFUL, a new full-length, stand-alone novel in Ren Monterrey's THE CLUB series.
I never imagined that I'd be starting my fifth year as a faculty member in the Medieval Studies department as a thirty-two-year-old widow. I'm sure to be the butt of every joke around campus as the collateral damage of a sex scandal that made national headlines. And my husband left me completely broke after he killed himself.
I don't want to lose my house and all the money I invested in it so I make an arrangement through The Club. I'll get what I to get out of the financial ruins my dead husband left me in. And Dante McNally will get what he wants...access to my body...whenever and however he wants it...
There's only one catch. Dante is one of our new graduate students and the recipient of a prestigious research fellowship funded by his billionaire father. And this is the year I'm supposed to be applying for tenure.
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My Review:

Loved this book, actually stayed up almost whole night because I had to know how it went on. We meet Dr. Mary Pine, who finds herself a widow at the age of thirtytwo. Nothing could prepare her for the mess her husband left her in. Bills stacked up and not payed, no money left in their account. She doesn't want to lose her house too. Then she overhears students talking about "The club" and how you easily make money, money Mary desperately needs to keep her house where she had her parents inherited in. 
She takes her chance and call the club and arrange a "date". Here is where she meets Dante a twenty two year old guy from old money, she is worried he on't want her but she couldn't be more wrong.  Dante soon introduce her as his girlfriend, which scares Mary, but she is very smitten with the guy.

But then the new student who is supposed to be their research student appears to be .... Dante. Mary doesn't know what to do. "dating" a student is a big NO.
How it all plays out is for you to find out, go buy the book you on't regret it, the book is well written, characters are nice, I love Mary and Dante. Nice love story, you will find yourself totally with them and understand them, without judging. I sure hope there will be more Dante & Mary.

Little side  note: I don't think the cover of the book does this sweet story justice.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my book. I appreciate it!