Sunday, September 27, 2015

Review: Not So Picture Perfect by Amber C. Carlyle

New Orleans native and private investigator Yumi Matthews finds herself steeped in a murder investigation – a far cry from the vision of reuniting people with their missing loved ones. Still, she devotes herself to investigating these supposedly unsolvable mysteries as a way to distract herself from the haunting disappearance of her own brother 10 years ago.
Yet, while at this latest crime scene, she unveils a bizarre clue into her brother’s cold case, which terrifies and excites her all at once. As she digs deeper into the case, the lines between reality and fantasy blur, causing her to question everything she knows. A cast of strangers gather around her, from the familiar Detective Joshua Boulliard to the new, and possibly dangerous, Ash. How far is she willing to go to discover the truth surrounding these mysterious clues?

My Review:

I love murder mystery/detective/police/thrillers etc. This author didn't disappoint me. PI Yumi is investigate a murder. She likes to dig in cold cases to help their families find peace. And to keep her mind of the disappearance of her own brother. Talking about him, while she was on her latest case, she found a clue about her brother, exciting she digs in more again. Soon she feels she is losing contact with reality or is she not?

Good, well written mystery, lots of plots and turns, mystery and some paranormal. Love anything about, in and around New Orleans, the author takes us on a interesting trip, I only wished the character were more deep, more about their background. They stay a mystery in away. but besides that 5 stars ad thumbs up! Looking forwards to more.

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