Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Review: Plugged: A Rewind Agency Novel (The Rewind Agency Book 2) by Jill Cooper

Lara Crane is stuck in her mind, in an indefinite stream of timelines where her life is perfect, just the way she wants it to be. But it’s not real. It’s all made up to give those who want to use time travel for their own personal ambitions. To give time to finish their experiments and turn Lara into a deadly time travel assassin.
If Lara wants to survive and to stop them, she needs to risk her own mind and soul to get out of a prison so perfect it completes the one dream Lara has always had.

My review:

Lara is in a horrible place, held in a box and experiments run with her without a end in sight, Lara can time travel and ever since they found out, they use her against her will. Only way to get away from it, is giving in into their demands, something Lara doesn't want to, but she has no  choice. if she wants to get away from all of that and get justice.....

Awesome book, read it in one sit, loved how it was written, loved Lara and was routing for her!! great story line! 

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