Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: Sympathy for the Devil by Gregg Levine

What if you could change your world?
Sympathy For The Devil is the very original story about a fallen angel who decided it was time to change his world, find his way home, and create anew…in his own image.
“He showed me things, ways of doing things, ways to live, ways to make magic. Now I know you may not believe me when I tell you this, but I’m not talking about tricks, oh no, I mean real magic. Magic that can make things happen, magic that can actually manifest things into reality. He gave me everything and he never asked for anything in return, almost.” – Sympathy For The Devil
On an ordinary Saturday afternoon, Mr. Homan, an old man at a young age because of a mystery illness, was on his way home from watching a local baseball game. After falling and nearly drowning in a simple puddle in the street, Mr. Homan is saved by a mysterious stranger known as the Master. The Master offers Mr. Homan more than just a helping hand, he offers Mr. Homan his health and his life back, but at a price.
In a city like this, another murder would be business as usual, but there was nothing usual about this murder to investigator Donavan Diego because what the public didn’t know was that this murder was only one of over thirty in a series of slayings that police still had only two leads on. The first lead was the nameless John Doe who was the only victim to somehow survive one of the vicious attacks. However, the attack left John Doe mangled, locked up in an insane asylum, and refusing to speak. The other lead was the first suspect and the person who police realized knew most of the victims, at least most of the ones that could be identified. That person and first suspect was Donavan Diego himself and it was all part of the Master’s plan.
Over eight years in the making, Sympathy For The Devil is a gripping mystery unlike anything you have ever read with tons of twists that will keep you mesmerized until the very last sentence. However, at the heart and soul of Sympathy For The Devil is a unique story of fighting for what you must against all odds and personal evolution.

This book is a huge surprise, what an unique concept. Mr. Homan is a young man in a old man's body. he is in a lot of pain and can hardly function. His only distraction is his Saturday's in the Ball park.
On day when he is on his way back home it starts to rain and hard winds, he can barely keep himself standing and a stranger offers him help. And asks him "what if you could have your health and youth back again, what are you willing to do for that?"

Then there is Donavan a journalist who works close with the police to figure out this serial killer,that is going around. a very cruel one. they have only one survivor, who refuses to talk.  He is the only one who can help them, because they have no leads, nothing proof wise to get by, how to resolve all this and find the killer.

It is a sit on the edge of your chair, I can't lay down kinda book. Great characters, strong story and plots all through the book, I love, love, loved it! can't wait to read more from Gregg Levine.

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