Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Excerpt Bond of Love by Amy Suzanne

As a picturesque mother and wife, forty-one year old Avery Richards seems to have it all. Married to a successful veterinarian named Noah and mother to a spunky daughter named Kara, her life is far from awful but she is stuck. With the recent move of their daughter, who has just flown the coop for college, this story examines the deep and often-tumultuous bond between mother and child and the lengths we are willing to go to, as mothers, to sacrifice our own happiness for the ones we love.
As we watch Avery walk through her ‘new’ way of daily life, without her ambitious and stubborn child around to mother any longer, we are given a very unique opportunity to tip toe in the front row of their lives, from three very separate views. We will see life as it plays out through her mature and motherly eyes, through Kara’s young and sheltered heart, and then through ‘someone else’s eyes’ that has a vested interest in them both.
As Avery’s well-hidden web of lies come crashing down in an unexpected way, her secrets that she’s safeguarded for years will threaten to rip her peaceful world apart, as well as the world of the ones she loves most. As readers, we will watch how ONE single choice can alter everything. Each character will then be forced to examine what the true meaning of love and forgiveness means to them.
Every gamut of emotion will be explored: humor, sadness, love, joy, betrayal, hate, and forgiveness. Bond of Love will leave you pondering the age-old question: How well do YOU actually know the ones you love most?

I run the heel of my shoe against the dirt causing the loose earth to billow. My parents would be appalled if they knew what I’ve been up to. I smile even bigger feeling proud. Giving the ground a stomp, I visualize my mother’s face. She had no business being a mother.
            Spotting a blue jay near my army-green, two-man tent, I stand perfectly still perplexed by its simplicity. The bird pecks casually at the tree limb, as if knocking your face against a mound of bark is a fun sport. For nearly a full minute, the bird searches for an afternoon snack, and then when satisfied, effortlessly glides away.
            What a life. I feel envious.
            Acknowledging the irony between the bird’s life and my own, I let out a long sigh. Wishing to change things that have already been done is like trying to unclog a stopped-up drain with a pound of bacon fat. It’s pointless. I can’t change my past but I can take control of my present moment and prepare for a different kind of future.
            Tilting my head backwards, unceremoniously one more time, I take one last generous chug of my sour-tasting beer. I clench my teeth hard and suck the vile liquid down. It slides down the back of my parched throat, not quite quenching my thirst, but my throat is happy to have it regardless.
            Scanning my property, I feel a sense of satisfaction wash over my body. Pin-pickles stretch upward on my skin, rippling in small bubbles. I had a privileged life before, but this, this area is ALL mine.
            No one can touch it. No one can tell me what to do here. It’s for her and me. No one else.

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