Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: Drones by Johnny Ray

Matalina heads the elite special ops of Baltonia, a small country near Switzerland, and where the Maliviziati maintain their secret society that opposes the Illuminati’s various splinter groups that want to create a new world order. While she directs the most powerful special operatives in the world, she is very capable of going solo when needed. She was bred like her parents and theirs before to be the best warrior in the world. Unfortunately, her chosen mate, Bjorn, has turned against them, killing her sister in the process. She loved him earlier, and perhaps she still does. Still, when she finds him, she will kill him.
When a new faction attempts to release drones in America, Matalina has to respond to keep this from playing into the hands of those wanting to create a new world order. She soon learns that the leader of this group is one of Bjorn’s operatives, Mario, a guy she should kill, but he is also the one person she needs to take alive to be able to locate Bjorn. With mercenaries flown in from Columbia to help this terrorist faction which was formed out of Afghanistan, this novel circles the globe as many players fight for eventual control of the world.

My review:
Strong character Matalina is a cat with special claws, one you do not want to fight with. She is special ops and a leader and a prinses, who tries hard to keep the world safe. When she is be trade by her fiancee, who gets her sister killed, she goes after him and while she is at she, she finds a dangerous group which makes drones to attack the States. All points towards Bjorn but is it? she finds leads into Afghanistan, Columbia and Germany. If she will be able to safe the world from these killer drones??? . I am not going to tell you. It is a great action book, I loved every minute of it.

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