Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: Ripple by E.L Farris

Book Description

 March 25, 2013

Amazon #1 Bestseller in Family Life Fiction

A Lyrical Book of Healing

When high-powered attorney Helen Thompson discovers that her fifteen-year old daughter has been sexually assaulted, she takes drastic measures.
Finding herself in trouble, Helen must relinquish control and put her faith in a process she knows to be flawed. As a team of lawyers, therapists and women from a safe house help Helen and Phoebe find hope and healing, a sociopath lurks, waiting for his moment to strike.
A lyrical, dark fairytale that will resonate with fans of women's literature and psychological thrillers, RIPPLE delves into the nature of evil, without seeking to provide final answers to the issue of what makes a human commit evil acts. And while the author takes readers to scary places, she ultimately shines a light on the human condition and celebrates the triumph of the human spirit in the face of great tribulation.

My Review: 

Helen Thompson is a very busy good lawyer but when she finds out that her daughter is sexual abused by her husband she becomes a tiger, fighting for her daughters life and her own she takes her daughter away to a safe house. She gives up all she ever knew, just to be with her girl and keep her safe. She knows she has to stay low because her husband had invited more of his sick friends into their house to have their way with her daughter.

There is only one danger no on could ever think of, while Helen and her daughter find peace in the safe house and think they are safe, there is a predator hanging around determine to get Phoebe, no matter what.
Will they stay safe??? find out for yourself and buy the book.

Good book especially for girls and woman who went through this too, they can learn and maybe even heal more. Helen is an inspiration,exactly how mothers should react in this kind of situations in my humble opinion.

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