Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: Spring Break by LC Kanon

Book Description

 September 9, 2012
An all-expenses paid trip to Cancun for spring break? It wasn't exactly a hard sell for Leigh, Eva, Gia and Joy, frenemies from Arizona Southern University. But all is not well in the land of silver or lead. Soon after arriving, Leigh and the girls stumble upon some cartel carnage—a bloodbath of debauchery that makes even their wildest desert party seem tame.

Instead of doing the proper thing, like contacting the authorities, the girls venture down the rabbit hole in this tale of sex, lies, and bloodshed. Everything changes when Leigh makes the acquaintance of Guero, a cartel kingpin who is none too pleased with her newfound lust for blood money.

These vengeful coeds aren’t on campus anymore, and after Guero lets them know just how serious he is, they make a run for the border no one will ever forget.

MY Review:

This book was kind of unreal, I mean a bunch of schoolgirls that suddenly turn into cold blooded murderers?

But with that been said when you let it go it is a okay book.
It is about rich spoiled Gia that always gets her way and bullies her friends every way she can. During Spring break where Gia's dad pays for the girls vacation. She gets more nasty because Eva slept with an ex-boyfriend of Gia, which she didn't know was an ex. Gia thought it gave her a green card to get even more nasty. They drink and use drugs like no tomorrow.
When spoiled Gia demands from the manager Guero of the hotel that he satisfy her for damage, he invites the girls for drinks and dinner, they accept.

Leah notice that something is not right and when she goes for a bathroom break, she discovers some scary things, soon they are in the middle of 2 cartels literary shooting their way out. if they will survive and what happens with them next is for you to find out. it is well written but just a bit to unreal for my taste, hence the 3 stars.

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