Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: Spank by Alan Daniels

Book Description

 August 15, 2012
When George Aloysius Brown, a retired civil servant, accepts a challenge from his creative writing teacher to ‘step outside his comfort zone’ and write erotica, his research leads him into a bizarre world of strange and fascinating characters.
He visits a S&M club where he befriends a trainee dominatrix who wants to be a ballet dancer. He auditions for an adult movie directed by a titled lady. He visits a librarian who entertains “assertive older gentlemen.” George enjoys his new life as a researcher until he buys telephone sex from a B grade movie actress and it all goes horribly wrong.
The plot thickens when he forms a literary alliance with Catherine Mallory Jones, a beautiful Cambridge University graduate and aspiring romance writer, who has a dark sexual past. When her past catches up with her and she fears for her life, she turns to George for help. Their friendship deepens and there is one final improbable adventure.

My Review:

I liked the story line and it had great humor in it.  I loved the older guy (George) who lost his wife a lot, He changes carriers, which makes his path cross Catherine's a young girl. They decide to work together on a book to win the grand price. George's  research for the book brings him in fun scene's. one is that he ends up in a situation he might have rather been away from.....

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