Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: The Silver Cross by Debra L Martin & David W. Small

Book Description

 September 15, 2012
Book 1 in the Vampire Nightlife series. Approximately ~212 pages.

There are two things Boston detective Lacey Gardner knows about killing vampires. Slicing off a head or a hit directly to the heart are the only surefire ways to kill one. Silver is their Achilles heel. A vampire never wears silver.

When she meets bartender extraordinaire, Damon Harte, her heart does a quickstep for the dark hunky guy. She's learned the hard way that having a love interest in her line of work can be heart-wrenching. She's kept to herself for years, but something about Damon captivates her and draws her to him. When she learns Damon's devastating secret, she knows what she has to do: kill the man who has stolen her heart.

Lacey Gardner is a Police officer at a Special force in the Boston Police force, her team fights Vampires. Years ago she lost her sister suddenly while they were out, last she saw was that she was bitten by a vampire before he took off with Rebecca.

When her team and her investigate brutal murders, she meets bartender Damon Hart, who has wears a silver cross on a chain around his neck. it is so dominant that it is hard to miss/
She instantly falls for Damon and that goes both ways, she finds out her sister is still alive when they are on a outlook for a vampire's den. but  all directions of the murders point to Damon, she goes out of her mind in sadness and does things she might regret later. If they all survive and be happy at the end, read for yourself!

Great book, good written only the end was a bit rushed, but over all I recommend it

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