Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Destiny Unhinged by Kimberly Shook

VANESSA anxiously waits for her birthday, a boyfriend and some much needed excitement in her dull and boring life.

She soon finds herself torn between two guys. Well, I guess that is what she would call them, even though one is a dead Alien King. 

MAX, a dead alien who is trapped in limbo between two worlds and longs for Vanessa, his destiny, to help him home and become his Queen. He offers her his world, his heart and his future.

TOBY, a good looking guy who shows an interest and a desire to be with Vanessa, has confessed that he too has a destiny that he's meant to be with another. However, it’s a destiny he doesn’t want.

The connection that Vanessa has with Max is strong but the desire she has for Toby may be even stronger.

Shall she accept what Destiny has in store for her or find a way to escape to find one all on her own?

My Review:

Vanessa is a cute girl about to turn seventeen, never kissed and innocent. When she goes with her Mother and grandmother to the cemetery to bring flowers to diseased family members, she wanders ofdf and sits under tree near a grave of Max, who died young and it was never resolved why. while she sits there and wonders about him, he suddenly appears and tells her he has been waiting for her and wants to make her his queen.

When she sets up her best friend with Harold, her friends insists on a double date with them and Toby, she gets confused about her feelings for Max and Toby.... Max the Alien boy that is destined to become King but needs his Queen, or Toby a sweet caring boy ....... one day she finds out that she is from another planet too, her confusion is complete. She hers about her father and the move to Earth..... when Max finds out about Toby he is jealous and very possessive. Every time when Vanessa thinks she finally will be kissed by Toby, she finds him knocked out, she realizes that it is Max who is (miss) using her body to smack Toby.

When Max anger attacks more and more it is clear Vanessa needs to make her choice in order to safe Toby.
What will she chose...... read for yourself.

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