Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cursed Heroes, The Beginnings by William D. Ollivierre

Book Description

 July 4, 2012
Cursed by God himself theses poor souls must
forever wonder the universe in bodies that are
forever aging. However, they have turned their
curse into their strength, as they fight against
every power in this universe to protect those that
cannot protect themselves.
Fighting with everything they have, single
handedly taking on vast armies, even if it means
they will be beaten to a bloody wreck they will
still stand and fight. They shake planets to
their very cores, darken the stars, and moving
entire star systems, all for the protection of the
universe, they are The Brothers Will, and they
never back down. Now come join the fight as you
learn how it all began.

My Review:

A man driven by his greed, curse God an his life on his death bed, is cursed with living forever and restore what he did to the world to clean it up and make it all better.

A little boy that almost drowns on the beach is saved and the mysterious man that saves him says him he will see him again and disappears. One day he shows up again to collect and the boy becomes a part of the collect group of Will's who try to stop wars and make peace in the world that is their only goal.

Intriguing story you have to like sci fi good read that keeps your attention and great characters

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