Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Roll Call by Glenn Langohr

Book Description

 July 26, 2012
"Whacks you aside the head with the force of a baseball bat. Langohr's incredible description of his fight for survival in prison has 'screenplay' written all over it." John South, American Media

Roll Call is a story with a cast of characters that include Mexican drug cartels, southern California street gangs and Hell's Angels all fighting for their piece of the drug culture. In the middle of it all, B.J. is hell bent for destruction until he realizes his destiny in the nick of time.

Add a good detective squeezed out of the loop by an overzealous narcotic detective; a robust prison union trying to call the shots; a handful of drug criminals trying to find their conscience and you have the perfect recipe for a revolutionary uprising, bound by blood, all leaving the reader wondering, who are the real criminals?  

My Review for Charisma Media Network :

Rall Call is a long book but worth it in my opinion, it is a story from inside of prison and some fiction added. You will read about crimes inside prison, how it is like and more.
I think that kids that think crime pays should read this, they will think twice I bet.
Great characters, and thrills throughout the book. Can't wait to read more from Glenn Langohr
I gave it 4 stars.

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  1. I really enjoyed it as well. It gives you a look from the inside out of the drug world and prison.