Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dragon Fire by Pedro L. Alvarez

Book Description

 January 1, 2012
At nineteen, Delcan wants nothing more than to break the bonds of what the world expects of him; winning the tournament at the Flarian Festival and earning a place as a squire is the only way he knows how. When he discovers his own father's secret past and his role in the kingdom's history, Delcan's life as a squire suddenly becomes complicated; when he falls in love with the princess, Aria, it turns deadly.

Dragon Fire is the story of a farmer's son and a princess who dreamed of becoming a knight. It is a coming-of-age tale set in a world where the young have no hope and the old no longer believe in magic. With compelling characters and vivid language, it is an action-packed story of romance, hope, sacrifice, and the most unlikely of heroes.

My review:

I absolutely loved this story it was fast and holds your attention, I just could not lay it away.
A story with Knights Wizards, Dragons , A king and Princesses.
Delcan a farmers son is sure there is more to life and this world then the farm, when he becomes 19 he and his best friend Sandrion decide to sneak out and go to the castle for the Flarian Festival to become knights. Unaware that he is a part of  prophecy. When one is better then them and wins the King asks who the person is and she takes of her cape and shows a girl (princess Aria) The King is furious when he sees his granddaughter and tells her to go to her chamber. Delcan and Sandrion are chosen with a third member to become squires and  train with a knight to become one at the end.

The King is a dictator who is squeezing all he can out of people, he is fighting to get an heir but all he gets is a daughter and grand daughter this all result of a curse the wizard bestows upon him. Delcan lies to the King and Aria about his family, when the King learns about the lie he is furious, if Delcon, Sandrion, Aria and Delcon's father are able to safe the Kingdom still a d take the cruel King of his throne.... you have to read for yourself, it is a fast past story that makes that you just read on till the end........

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