Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Black Diamond Jinn by Mary Hughes

Book Description

 May 16, 2012
Have sex, avert doom, save the world.

The Mayan Doom is real. Government witch Amaia Jones has the spreadsheet to prove it.

Amaia is a desk-bound research wizard, living uncomfortably in the shadow of her famous Venus-magic parents. Then she discovers the world is ending. Tonight. But her bulldog of a boss not only refuses to believe her, he won't give her the secret to calling the one force powerful enough to help--the jinn.

She turns to her mental guardian angel, Rafe, the darkly handsome presence who has comforted her since her parents died.

Rafe has a secret of his own. He's a black diamond jinn, one of the deadliest and most powerful of his kind. He's detected an enemy ruthlessly using blood sacrifice to stoke Y12 public panic. Rafe needs to get into the human realm to stop the Doom, but he can't unless Amaia calls him, and she is threatened by his scorching sensuality.

Amaia's guardian angel is a stunning jinni and suddenly her job is far more complicated. Jinn take their pound of flesh in exchange for magical help, but the only flesh Rafe wants is hers, taut with delight. Sounds great, except Venus magic is what killed her parents' love. But her alternatives are rapidly dwindling, and with four hours to go on humanity's darkest night, the only alternative to surrendering her flesh may be surrendering her life.

This title contains explicit sexual language and may not be suitable for all readers.

 My Review:

Amaia is a witch who works for the government, witches are known and accepted in this world, She discovers that the Maya Doom is real and will happen December 21, 2012. When she tells her boss he will not hear of it and declines anything. He refuses to tell her how she can call a Jinn to help save the world, he even tells her to drop it or lose her job.
Not knowing what to do she turns to her guardian Angel Rafe who is always there for her and he tries to get her to call in his help, not knowing he is a Jinn she ends up doing just that.

When she hears what to only option is to resolve it in a short amount of time left, she refuses and still looks for other options. Realizing that only Venus magic will work terrifies her, it is how her parents lost their love for each other (Venus magic is done by climax) but she does not have much choice. When she finally gives in to safe the world it is the question if it is not to late yet.

How it ends and to know if it all helped, get the book and read for yourself! I liked the concept and the story, had a part I had to read 2 times before I got it, but the rest was nice. It is not YA, only adult/

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  1. Hi Niki! Thanks for hosting my tour stop today, and the nice review! Jinn is explicit :) so I really appreciate your time and talent reading and reviewing it.