Monday, November 28, 2016

Review: The Curly Wolf by Michael Kayser

The settlers in the Redbud Valley are peaceable, God-fearing folk who try to follow the golden rule, but they’ve been pushed too far by the mayor of Blue Stone, who wants their land and seemingly has the law on his side. Just as the nesters are banding together to resist the land grab, Blue Stone’s newest deputy rides through their valley. Before they realize the sleepy-eyed youngster called Arizona is a veteran gunfighter hired to bulldoze them off their claims, he has already broken bread with them, danced with their daughters…and stolen the heart of one.
Young Theresa Gutierrez believes Arizona is more than a curly wolf with quick trigger fingers and a stone-cold heart, but her parents and neighbors have good reason to believe otherwise. What everyone agrees upon is that, in the brewing range war, the Arizona Kid is liable to be right smack in the midst of the killing.
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                                               My Review;

My Love for Western I got from my dad, we used to watch John Wayne movies all the time and he had many books.  Anyway.....
The book, I love the characters, they are strong and well developed, the lead role is for a young man who went through much and is a professional gunslinger at young age, he doesn't see wrong with what he does, he falls for Theresa, her dad however forbids them seeing each other. She is convinced there is more to him then just a gun for hire. There is a lot of action in this book  and a mild dose of religion results in a great book, especially for Western lovers.  

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