Thursday, November 5, 2015

Review: Euphoria by Melissa Lumis

I’ve been granted a second chance at life, so what do I do? Screw it all up. I had a fresh start; the past was behind me and everything was possible.
Yeah, right. Should have known something bad, bad, bad was lurking in the shadows.
When bulletproof Dee comes down with an inexplicable illness—demons do NOT get sick—my past crashes the party. So do I make a deal with the devil himself, my soul in exchange for Dee’s life? Or do I put everyone’s lives on the line by taking my chances with fate—because that always works out so well.
This is a no brainer, right?
I guess I can kiss my ass—and Max—goodbye.

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Fiamette had a fresh start, a second chance in life,.... but she messed it up! Dee is sick which is a big surprise because Demons don't get sick. She has a choice, which is the right one? Will she make the right choice?
I love the series, and Melissa does a great  job with this book again too! it will hold your attention from beginning to the end!! I highly recommend to get the whole series!

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