Thursday, November 5, 2015

Review Conjuring Destiny by Brooklyn Ann

Famous rock star, Xochitl Leonine, has dreamt of a world with two moons where a black cloaked man beckons her. One Halloween night, she meets the mysterious stranger of her dreams… literally… and their shared dance becomes a rendezvous in a place of endless night.
Zareth Amotken has no idea how important Xochitl’s heavy metal band is to her. As an immortal sorcerer, he doesn’t care. He has one goal: to find the prophesied savior of his world. Her voice holds the power to bring back his world’s vanished sun.
Xochitl’s compassion urges her to help in any way she can. Yet learning the mysteries of her past causes conflict with her future in music. Her destiny in his world and her obligations to her band pull her in opposite directions. How can she long for one while the other is so dire?
As Zareth introduces her to his people and teaches her to control her powers, she aches for his enchanting kiss. Zareth tries to resist, for their passion will unleash serious consequences, both political and magical.
As the time to fulfill her destiny draws closer, she must choose between her heart, her duty, and her friends. The wrong choice could ruin everything.
But if Zareth’s evil half brother succeeds in taking control of her for his own ends, he will take away her choices… and destroy the world?

WOW what a talent, I adored how she writes, how her characters come together and makes the story.
Xochitl is a famous rock star, who dreams about a stranger in a black cloak who calls out to her. She meets him at Halloween and they click.
Zareth a immortal wizard, has his eyes on her too, he is convinced that she is his world's savior. Xochitl learns from him how to use and control her powers and then there is Zareth's evil half brother, will Xochitl be strong and stop him from taking her choice away? you have to read that for yourself! You won't regret it.

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