Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review: Regretting Redemption by Bonnie R. Paulson

Mary’s never been completely honest with anyone–especially herself.
The man she’s supposed to marry reminds her of her father in ways she’s suppressed for years–controlling, abusive, and manipulative. The sisters she’s finally found don’t understand her shame or confusion.
When Ian enters the picture with his British accent and Montana tan, Mary starts to question the past and her loyalty to a father who took away all her chances at true happiness.
Can Mary help her sisters break free from their father’s diabolical past? Or will his sins corrupt any chance at true happiness with Ian? And herself?

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I adore this series, You can read the lose of each other, but I highly recommend you read them all to understand the characters and their story more.
This book is about Mary, constantly lies to herself, tries to make everyone and herself that she is happy, that her fiancee it ntt an abusive, manipulative control freak, he is getting worse the longer she is with him and takes him back into her life. Mary however starts to "Wake-up" after meeting I an a sexy, cowboy with and British accent. He is sweet to and for her, Mary starts to doubt her relationship with her fiancee and the picture she has of her father.
Can her sisters and Ian save her from her relationship before it is to late?

Another good book, I love Bonnie's way of writing, she creates strong characters,  I adore Ian and Gma Nell they are so close. I love it when Ian will just go and buy her wool And Mary has awesome sisters.
Bonnie keeps your attention through the whole book. there hasn't been a book  so far that I didn't like  from Bonnie.

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