Friday, October 9, 2015

Review: Eternal Dawn by Kathi Haacke Morehead

This is the follow up book to White Night
Kris and Jake Collins have the world by the tail: successful, happy lives, loving family, and a deep love that sustains them both. All of their dreams are coming true and there is nothing but blue skies on the horizon. When circumstances conspire to strip all that they’ve known from them, will they be strong enough to recognize the true meaning of love?

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Jake and Kris are a very happy couple. who are expecting, till one dark cloud packs above their heads, six month pregnant, Kris get shot. There is many to deal with, many thoughts spend pf the why. Question is will their marriage be strong enough to carry all this, will love conquer it all??? It hit home hard for me, I liked the strong love in this story that will rm your heart. Many lessons can be learned in this book, it will probably be different for everyone. be read to get emotional too. Well written deep story that leaves you with a lot learned.

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