Monday, October 27, 2014

Review: Rogue Alliance by Michelle Bellon

While still a child in Redding, California, Shyla Ericson killed her father to end years of abuse. She’d left town shortly thereafter, changed her name, and started a new life, eventually becoming a highly decorated DEA agent.
But some history doesn’t stay buried.
When Shyla goes undercover to bring down drug kingpin Victor Champlain, the case takes her back to a town that hasn’t forgotten her, and to a past she thought she’d left behind.
Then, she meets Brennan Miles, a genetically altered kidnap victim, who has been turned into a weaponized super-human. Victor helped Brennan escape from a hidden genetics research facility known only as The Institute, where he’d been held and experimented on for years. In return for his freedom, Brennan now works for Victor as his bodyguard.
Shyla is drawn to Brennan’s strength, and to his humanity. Even after she discovers his secret — he must have human blood to survive. Shyla knows she can’t take down Champlain by going through Brennan — he’s too strong — and he’s loyal to Victor.

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My Review:

I LOVED  Michelle Bellon's Rogue Alliance: Part One of the Shyla Ericson Series, I was reading and reading and couldn't lay it away. This sci-fi/Thriller is a real rollercoaster of plots and twists, Shyla is a smart detective who has one goal, bringing down drug lord Victor Chaplain.
He has a strong body guard Brennan a genetically altered an, he helped him escape fro a facility here he as held and altered.  Soon Shyla finds out that Brennan needs human blood and kills for that, 

Question is will Shyla be able to bring Victor down and get passed Brennan or will Brennan help?
a MUST read, I can't wait to read more in this series

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