Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: NEW from Jessica Gibson, Never Let Me Go part one

Book Description

 October 25, 2014
One night. That’s all it was supposed to be. No strings. No complications.

Grace DeLeo didn’t do one night stands. She was a relationship girl through and through. All of that went out the window when she met Logan in a bar while he was in town on business.

Logan McFadden liked his no strings lifestyle. He loved his rules. Everything had a place, and there was no space for a relationship or feelings.

One night. That’s all it took to change things forever.

My Review:

Grace went out with her sister something they often did, only this time Grace did something she never anted a one night stand. She felt hard for Logan, but he clery made it far fro personal and told her goodbye. Grace is hard broken and her sisters try hard to get her past
 it.  She has to move one but can she?? Can Logan??? Go get the book and find out!!

Anotger great story from Jessica, I so love her books, fun characters, love and more. can't wait to read part two.

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