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Indie Bookfest 2014: Meet Author: Toni Sinns

Hop around and Meet the Authors of Indie Book Fest 2014. Each stop features an author and a contest. Words That Make Sentences That Make Poems - Poetry

Emotions can run deep in ones soul and poetry can let them surface to the ears of others. This book is about the deep set emotions, the fears, thoughts, dreams, and experiences of Toni Sinns. As she walks through life her view and her life are formed into the collection of these soul touching poems. ________________________________________________________________________________

 The Blazing Charm Series~ YA Action Adventure Suspense Thriller Romance
Book 1 - I've got you covered You can buy it here
Anistasia moves a lot to get away from her past. But when she lands in Brooksville she runs into John. Something about him just makes her feel so safe and he can't get her off his mind. The two soon learn they actually have more in common than they could possibly ever know.
Book 2 - New York Heartbreak Buy link Here

After an eventful end of the school year can Anistasia and John find a nice vacation in New York? Anistasia comes face to face with a past she thought she left behind. However, what happens in New York stays in New York. Can the newly found couple stay together through the events they still have to survive? Or will the past destroy them?
Book 3 - Paradise Buy link Here
After John's wreck and struggling through the last of the school year the gang can't wait for a long and much needed vacation. But can they really enjoy a vacation? As the group splits up in two and the stakes become higher can they all stay one step ahead of Sebastian? Will Xander turn to the bad guys? As the team is put on their toes again can they all make it out to reunite the group? And can the secretes they have hold them together or pull them apart? Follow as the adventure continues in Paradise. Book 4 - Finale Book - Out of Time Coming Winter 2014. No Cover Yet ___________________________________________________________________
Fields of Summer - (Just released Feb 5)- Contemporary Romance Buy link Here
It is amazing how many truths and lies can come out in just a summer. Daniel thought he was going to have a normal summer with his grandparents fixing up an old truck. However, when Tiffany needs a place to stay after her brother’s death Daniels summer plans change. ____________________________________________________________________ Three more books coming in the next year.
Baby Dragon's Sound - Children's book coming Spring 2014
The Black Rose - Paranormal Adventure Romance Coming Late Summer 2014
Dixie Raised - Women's Literature Coming Late 2014/Early 2015 _______________________________________________________________________

Toni G. Sinns Toni Sinns was born and raised in Western North Carolina before moving to Central Florida in 2011 with the love of her life husband and their 2 dogs. She is currently working on multiple novels in multiple genres and has many plans for much more. When she isn't busy having conversations with the characters in her head she is helping others with Turning The Pages or she is lost in one of her many joys and hobbies which could include: video games, movies, crochet, cooking, crafts, reading, or something else she finds to toy with.

IBF Meet the Author 2014 Feb 14 - 21

Tell us a little bit about your book(s) and yourself. Ugh I hate talking about myself. Um I grew up in Western North Carolina until Aug of 2011 when I moved down to Florida with my husband. We have 2 dogs and 2 guinea pigs. I have been a fan of writing and story telling since I can remember. I love to help people and get people noticed. I’m also pretty goofy and always looking for my own adventure to go on. I have been called spontaneous on numerous occasions. My books are my joy. I love writing them. I love the stories in them and the characters. My Blazing Charm series is about a group of high school kids who live in this crazy life that not many people are aware of. With the mafia involved, illegal street racing, cheating death a few times, and more.

When was your first book published? 
My poetry book was published Feb 2, 2012 My First novel (I’ve got you covered book 1 of the blazing charm series) was published April 12, 2012. __ Why did you decide to become an Indie Author? I finally sat down after a few failed months at trying to get a desk job and wrote out a story I had worked on for almost 8 years. At the same time I compiled all my poems together and put that in a book too. 

 Are you currently working on anything? I have over 25 WIP’s on my computer and constantly writing down plot ideas for more. However for 2014 I do plan to release 1 novelette (Fields of Summer, releasing Feb 5th (Baby Dragon’s Sound), and 1 Paranormal Novel (The Black Rose), The 4th the blazing charm series (Out of Time), and a Women’s Lit Novel (Dixie Raised). 

Who and what inspired you to write? I have no idea. I’ve been writing since I can remember. I always made up stories in my head. Writing and story telling has always been my favorite thing to do. -

Each author has his or her own inspiring journey. How did you begin writing? I don’t have an inspiring Journey. Writing has just been something I’ve always done. 

What is on your writing playlist for your book(s)? I don’t have playlist for my books. 

Who is your favorite character in your books? Anistasia from The Blazing Charm series is my favorite. She is stubborn, strong, athletic, crazy, and stands her ground. But at the same time she has moments of weakness where she leans on others or fear of others safety. She is pretty awesome. 

What is your favorite book of all time? Don’t have one. 

Tell us in one sentence why we should read your books? Because the adventure it takes you on is a thrill ride full of unexpected twist, turns, people and you’ll love to pull for the group of characters. _______________________________________________________________________
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