Sunday, February 16, 2014

Guestpost and review: War of the Heavens, Book one, Leviathan by Charbel Tadros

Nigel survives a car crash, while his whole family perishes in the accident. With the help of his later-to-become girlfriend Vicky, he overcomes the tragedy and makes his way to college. As they are about to graduate, Vicky convinces him to embark on a strange project involving crystals and magick, with a “k” (meaning real magic). Little did they know that this project would open for them the gates of other dimensions including the world of the gods, the world of the muses and the demons, the world of the dead and many more. But why were they called there?
Throughout the ages, many authors were able to share, preserve and spread forbidden knowledge and information through novels. Sometimes, the knowledge was too unacceptable or even too early to be understood by the general masses that the author couldn’t write about it explicitly. In these cases, many authors smuggled this knowledge into the future through their writings. However, in order to make sure that this knowledge only reaches the audience it is destined to reach, the authors would make it accessible only to those who would understand it. As for those whom the knowledge isn’t designed for, they would treat the novel as a work of fiction to savor and enjoy.
Magick, when written with a “k” in the end, means real magic and not mirror tricks and illusions. In this case, Magick is the conscious manipulation of natural and psychic energies for the accomplishment of certain goals, especially those dealing with luck. Obviously, Magick doesn’t always work because many factors need to be addressed for a certain objective to be realized. Also, in many occasions when Magick fails, the reason can be the lack of sufficient energy to accomplish such a task.
In Leviathan, the first part of my War of the Heavens trilogy, the subject of Magick is addressed in depth. Also, wise readers will definitely be able to decipher many of the secret messages that I have woven into this novel. As for the others, they can brace themselves for the adventure of their lives.

Two Scientists  Nigel and his friend Vicky, she convince him to work with crystals,  looking at the differences and vibrations of them, when suddenly... BAM! ... each is in a different time. each of them fight a battle between good and evil.  You will find yourself in several Myth's. magick and much more. although the characters and writing is good, it is a bit much sometimes.   Nevertheless a good book, I look forwards to read more from Mr Tadros.              

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