Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review Hollywood Angels (Book two) by Karri Thompson

Book Description

 October 16, 2013
Ashley’s back – and this time, she’s no amateur. She has a new assignment, someone who’s thoughtful, loveable, and caring – someone unlike her last assignment—Cannon Michaels, rock-and-roll bad boy, her celebrity crush, and the boy she loves. But will her next stint on earth will be any easier than the last? Can she forget Cannon and continue her role as a responsible guardian angel?
Someone has followed Ashley back to earth, and this person reminds her of who she used to be – an untrained angel full of sorrow and regret – but this someone is rash and unpredictable, lacking the patience and training needed to watch and wait and keep his assignment from harm. What will Ashley do when she meets this unexpected angel? Can she suppress her human emotions while teaching him how to love and protect his assignment? If he doesn’t cut it as an angel, will he be replaced by another, tearing Ashley away from her true love? Find out when Ashley falls back to earth and lands in a city full of surprises – Hollywood, California. 

Fun story about two guardian angels, that are assigned to twin brothers, they still learn how to do the guardian angel thing. Ashley is followed by someone down to earth, in meantime she is learning how to be a better guardian angel and  to teach Cannon (Cannon  is her celebrity crush) to be a good one too. It is not easy but she is determine to succeed, else he will be replaced and she will loose the love of her life.

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