Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review: The Grinding by Matt Dinniman

Book Description

 September 15, 2013
Six months ago, the world watched in horror as we lost an American city.

The Grinder. That's what the survivors of Tucson called the monster. Just one touch, and they became a part of it. It used their bodies as limbs and as weapons. In just a matter of hours, it became huge, a towering monstrosity made entirely out of tens of thousands of people and animals.

This isn’t behind-the-scenes bullshit from the point of view of the military. This isn’t yet another conspiracy theory about what really happened to Air Force One that night, or about the decision to nuke Tucson.

This is a rare, eyewitness account from someone who was there, in the midst of the destruction. But most importantly, this is the terrifying truth.


Oh My Goodness what a great book, the horror fan in me is pleased!!
This Necro story is a page turner and pins you to your chair till the end.
The monster will sneak up on you and just take you!
It is high level horror, not nasty but down to earth scary!!! Adam wants just one thing, not being a hero, but just to find his wife and be with her. Loved the twins!  Monster, horror, Necro fans this is a MUST read.
I can NOT wait to read more from Matt. Well done!


  1. Thanks for the review!

    (It's spelled Dinniman, by the way. No biggie as the way you spelled it is how I usually see it on my mail.)