Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review: To love a Wolf by B.K. Walker

Book Description

 December 21, 2012
Passions are fueled...Two World's collide...

What would you do if your future had another plan for you?

Cevin Harpster is in his residency year to obtain his M.D. He's looking forward to his new life after graduation, where he will open his own practice and marry his high school sweetheart.

When Cevin suddenly starts dreaming of a beautiful woman he can't help but wonder if he may be going insane, as she seduces him night after night, taking him to heights of ecstasy he never knew he longed for. As the dreams become more frequent, his sex drive rockets and his fiance', Sam, finds Cevin's new desire for experimenting enticing, even if a bit rough, when his sexual experiences from his dreams are used on her.

Weird things continue to happen in Cevin's dreams, when he learns that this mysterious woman actually exists, and he is meant to be her mate and lead a pack of wolves he never imagined to be real.

When dreams and reality meet...someone always gets burned!

My Review:

This book says erotic and boy is it ever, not fit for young readers.
I personally don't mind sex but it was a bit overdone in my opinion, The book is a okay read, don't get me wrong the story is good. But when you get through all erotic parts and Paul discovers what is "wrong" with him and finally hears the truth, he meets the group turns and  Cevin will continue fighting for his love Sam. If the mystery woman will get her claws on him you will have to read for yourself. There it is the end. It was abrupt I did not expect it at all.
I still do look forward to read the rest of this story.

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