Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: Adela Arthur and the Creators Clock by Judyann McCole

Book Description

July 26, 2013 The Chronicles of A
To Whom Ever This May Concern;I wish I could tell you the contents of this book were purely fictional. That I, Adela Arthur, was just a normal sixteen year old from Portland and that dragons, giants, elves and mermaids were just myths. I wish these were legends shared from crazy old grandparents to crazy old grandparents around campfires. After all, that is what I used to believe.
I never would have thought they lived on the other side of our mirrors in a world called Cielieu. But they do...
I never would have thought there were humans, better known as Volsin that lived among them with the ability to create light from a single thought. But there are...
I never would have thought I was one of them... But I am...
I am the last Arthur and I was brought to the human world after a Volsin, filled with greed, began to strip the light from our kind.
The human world was supposed to be a safe haven... but he s found us and the only way to stop him is to go back to Cielieu and begin training as a student in the Elpida Castle of Light.
Like I said I wish the contents of this book were purely fictional and not my life...                                                                    

My Review:

In all honestly it was close to the Potter Books, it had so much the same in it. But with that been said. I did like the story, it was fun to read. 
It is about Adela & Hector and how their world comes crashing down one day when Adela starts to see things, when a class mate dies, trying to protect them, they find out that nothing seems to be as they thought.
They learn about Cielieu a magical world on the other side of the mirror where they are original from. Their parents fled for the evil prince and brought them to safety.

Adela is the last Arthur, the only one strong enough to beat the prince, but will it be enough, she wasn't aware of this world for most of her life. When they go through the mirror they need to find the Castle of light where it was said they would be safe. if it will all work out, you will have to read for yourself. It is a fun book for YA too.

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