Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review Junction, Utah by Rebecca Lawton

Book Description

 January 12, 2013
River guide Madeline Kruse has always preferred the nomadic life over a settled home. In early 2003, she's on the run from the long-standing pain of a missing father and critically ill mother trying to save the world. Madeline's wandering takes her to northeastern Utah, a corner of the West time has passed over, with its stunningly beautiful wilderness, rivers to run, and room to breathe. In the tiny town of Junction, she meets alfalfa farmer Chris Sorensen, whose family has split apart since September 11 and the enlistment of his brother in the U.S. Marines. Through Chris and a drama taking place deep in the Utah backcountry, Madeline learns that the pristine canyons she loves are being threatened, and she must overcome many obstacles if she is to find peace and her place by the river.

My Review:

Madeline Kruse is from a river guide's family, she prefers to live outside and beat the wild rivers. Once she met the farmer Chris, she can't get him out of her head, will they come together and settle?

His brother goes to join the army after 9/11 happened, he comes back a changed man, Will he get over this ? or keep on fighting against all around him?

The oil company ruins a lot along green river, a beautiful wild river where Mandeline and her group take the people along. After the summer is done, Mandeline is a tough choice, Go home to spend time with her sick mother or stay with Chris.Will their love win everything over, is it strong enough to survive anything?

Buy this book you won't regret it, it has romance in it some adventure, even a thrilling moment, all in all a good book!

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