Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Dawnflight by Kim Headlee

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Dawnflight by Kim Headlee

Gyanhumara “Gyan” nic Hymar is a Caledonian chieftainess by birth, a warrior and leader of warriors by training, and she is betrothed to Urien map Dumarec, a son of her clan’s deadliest enemy, by right of Arthur the Pendragon’s conquest of her people. For the sake of peace, Gyan is willing to sacrifice everything...perhaps even her very life, if her foreboding about Urien proves true. Arthur map Uther is the bastard son of two worlds, Roman by his father and Brytoni by his mother. Denied hereditary rulership by the elders of Chieftainess Ygraine’s clan, Arthur has followed Uther’s path to become Dux Britanniarum, the Pendragon: supreme commander of the northern Brytoni army. The Caledonians, Scots, Saxons, and Angles keep him too busy to dwell upon his loneliness...most of the time. My Review: Gyan is chieftainess of a tribe, and betrothed to Urien, she feels something is not right with him, but she shrugs it off. she travels off to meet up with him and when she sees Arthur, they both are struck by lightening. They feel they found their soul mate and know nothing can be done she is promised to Urien. Gyan will do anything to keep her people safe. First she goes to the Isle of Maun to study, but bad things follow her, the Scots try to take over the isle and kidnap her to use her to get Urien out of the city. Arthur is warned and goes quickly to safe her and his sister. Will he be on time, will they find each other and is their love finally be able to grow..... Great debut book for Kim Headlee, I so enjoyed it and look forwards to more stories from her. Reviewed for Jessi the Release day diva

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