Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review: Shift Business by Olivia Hardin

Book Description

 December 9, 2012
Gerry Hinton thought she had the perfect career as an operative for the Company. Her next assignment should have been another "mission accomplished", but hell was delivering hand baskets that day.

When a little girl gives a mysterious silver box to Gerry, her world self-destructs. Suddenly under constant mental attacks, the only person who can save her is her partner, Nicky--but nothing comes without a cost. Secrets buried deep in the past begin to rise, threatening everything she holds dear. 


This third book begins where in book two (Bitten Shame)  Nicky left the group to find Gerry. He finds her and together they need to find a safe place to hide since the lost all contact with the company. When Gerry goes into a coma Nicky is desperate trying to find solutions to get her out. after a few days a old voodoo witch speaks to him and tells him to let her in the apartment to help Gerry. She tells Nicky secrets about Gerry he did not know and how to safe her. When Gerry wakes Nicky wants some answers about why she lied to him.

Langston finds them and they get back with the group and start bringing the magic children to safety. Will Gerry explain herself to Nicky, tell the truth and safe her marriage, why are suddenly her powers super strong?? Will they safe all they have to and move on? that is for you to find out.

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  1. Thank you so much for he kind review and for being a part of my tour! So glad you enjoyed Shifty Business.

    Happy reading, All!