Friday, January 4, 2013

Meet Kelly event

Brooklyn finally drifted into a restless sleep flooded with vivid nightmares. She and Ryder were running through the forest and the Grishma was so close behind that she could actually feel the horrifying monster’s hot, fowl, rank breath on her neck as she raced through the trees. Then she tripped and fell onto the damp ground littered with leaves. Before she could get back up, the Grishma was on top of her, gnashing its razor sharp teeth inches from her face. Just as the murderous beast opened its mouth to expel its deafening cry, Brooklyn awoke screaming. Within seconds Ryder appeared in the doorway looking disheveled. “Brooklyn! I heard you screaming, are you okay?” “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I’m sorry I woke you up. I’ve just been having the worse nightmares about that Grishma thing,” said Brooklyn. He rubbed his face and shook his head. “I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.” “No it’s not.” She yawned. “Well, maybe it is a little bit. Is it time to get up?” she asked sleepily. “No, it’s still night,” said Ryder with a smile. “You can go back to sleep for a few hours if you want.” Brooklyn bit her upper lip. She knew there was no way that she would be able to fall asleep again, the nightmares were too intense. Ryder, noticing Brooklyn’s apprehension, said, “You know, I could stay in here if you want. I mean – Not like with you, but like next to you, or not, I mean, whatever, its up to you.” “Oh, um, yeah, I mean, yeah, that would be really nice,” Brooklyn stammered. Her heart slammed in her chest and her palms felt sweaty. She had never slept with a boy in her bed. Brooklyn moved over and made room for Ryder. He crawled next to her and got comfortable. She tried to control her breathing. Damn it! Why am I so nervous? He’s just doing this because he thinks I’m too scared to sleep, it’s not like he likes me! After a few minutes passed, Brooklyn could hear Ryder’s steady breathing, in, out, in, and out.

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