Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Sour Orange Derby by Kristina Circelli

Book Description

 June 4, 2012
One lone tree is all that remains of the cherished Standridge family orange groves, a legacy that goes back as far as the Civil War. But for young Colly Standridge, that solitary tree is at the center of a magical world.

Inspired by real people, The Sour Orange Derby follows the lives of Colly, who dreams of becoming a professional baseball player, and K.B. Standridge, an imaginative old man who spends his days creating stories for his grandchildren to enjoy while searching for a new family legacy – and finds it in his last beloved orange tree.

A story about love and healing steeped in southern traditions, The Sour Orange Derby is a tale of one family joining together to celebrate life and history, and how their last remaining orange tree holds them all together when the young boy’s fight with cancer threatens to tear them apart.

Kristina Circelli, accomplished author of The Helping Hands and The Whisper Legacy series, is proud to take readers on a literary journey into her childhood, offering a glimpse of the magical worlds and imaginative stories created by her beloved grandfather.

My Review:

What a great story. I love the characters of K.B. and Kariss, and little Colly,  K.B sounds like a wonderful grandfather and dad to Jude. those story takes you into the past of the family and the present. it is heartwarming, you love with them, cry with them and learn it is okay to life on without forgetting or not loving the one you lost. it made me smile, cry and feel with them a lot. It reminded me of things in my own youth.

I can see this story do a lot for families and I recommend also older kids to read it. it warmed my heart.

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