Monday, July 9, 2012

Immortal Voyage by C.G. Powell A Terra Stellar Novel

Immortal Voyage by C.G. Powell
A Terra Stellar Novel
Before the time of the great pyramids, there was a place like none other, a city of glass and metal rising from the depths of the ocean.  Shrouded in mist, the island of Hy-Brasil and its capital Atlantis lay hidden from the rest of the world by its people, a race of long lived, interstellar nomads.
 What secrets would you keep to save your kingdom?  On the Queen’s deathbed, the sonless King Aldric is force into a promise to allow his five daughters to marry for love. A promise he wished he had never made, and one he will have to break to save the kingdom.
 The youngest of five daughters, Jael, spent most of her time at her father’s side learning to run a kingdom.  Believed to be the King’s favorite, Jael is shocked when he betroths her to a longtime friend of his, Prince Sarik of Hy-Brasil.  Soon she will learn that world is full of secrets and one of them is her very own birth.  Will the secret that bonds her to Sarik be the ultimate downfall of a kingdom?

My Review :

This is a great story that draws you right in, I almost read it in one breath. It is about King Aldric and and his 5 daughters,  his Queen dies when she gives birth to her 5th daughter leaving him with no son to follow him up and he promised his wife on her death bed something that later make things very hard.

His youngest daughter is Jael a very warm character that loves her father,  Jael is his only hope at the end that he sees will help his Kingdom, he betroths her to his friend and at first Jael is in shock but she will do a lot for her dad and his Kingdom. He hopes that it will safe his Kingdom from the evil, cold and cruel husband of his oldest daughter, who is hungry for power,
This takes you into the beautiful world of Hy-Brasil a place I would love to be and see,   how it goes from here you will have to read for yourself, but I think that C.G. Powell created a nice combination between fantasy and sci fi with this book. I absolutly loved it and I highly recommend it.


  1. Thank you Nikita for the wonderful post. I'm glad you enjoyed the story :-)

  2. You are so welcome, can't wait for a follow up !