Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Review: Hunting Taylor Brown by Rhys Hagan

Outlaw bikers, rogue police, brutal gangsters and a ruthless assassin converge in the city of Shoremont to claim the bounty on Ryan Hall’s head and recover the girl he rescued—Taylor Brown.
Taylor is the daughter of a powerful and calculating mob boss, Cameron Brown, who isn’t sparing any expense to know his daughter is safe and exact vengeance on those responsible for her kidnapping.
While the depraved maniacs of the city scrounge for their reward, Detective Jesse Wishman and Larry Manning must confront the mutual pain in their pasts if they hope to successfully resolve the case. When Manning’s daughter, and Wishman’s fiancĂ©e, was killed; it caused them both to spiral into obsession and self-loathing until they were forced to meet once again.
Join the estranged detectives as they attempt to defy the odds by clearing Hall’s name and uncover a conspiracy behind the disappearance of a child.
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                              My Review:
What a great read! I stayed in it couldn't lay it away, Taylor a daughter of a cruel mob boss and she is kidnapped, he starts a search for her to make sure she is safe. Search that is also done by two detectives who have a painful past together. They will have to face it and work together again.
"Outlaw bikers, rogue police, brutal gangsters and a ruthless assassin" just that line made me wanna read this book, I like some bad boys! The character are well developed, it had twists and plots and it was so well written that you felt like you were with them. Looks like it is mister Hagan's first book and I am hooked, hope to read more in the near future!

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