Saturday, January 23, 2016

Review Theatre play "Between the Tree"s by Henry Sebastien Bender

Between the Trees
Author: Henry Sebastien Bender
Pages: 62
Genre: Theatre/Play
Categories: Fiction, Fantasy, LGBT

Description: " In the forest near their town, 10-year-old Lee and his friends encounter a supernatural evil. When adults prove to be no help, Lee takes it upon himself to destroy it. But Lee has his own monster to confront at home, a monster that may even be more sinister than the mystery that awaits in the woods. "

Author bio: " Henry Sebastien Bender is an undergraduate student at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico studying theatre and foreign languages. His focuses in playwriting include surrealist and absurdist theatre. Selections of Mr. Bender’s were chosen in 2015 to be preformed during the annual 10-Minute Play Festival, “Out of Order”, by SCRAP Productions at the University of New Mexico. "

                                     My Review:

This is a theater play, It's about Lee and his friends, they are in the woods, but see something strange that scares them.
They promise each other to be back and fight it, in meantime, Lee is fighting his own demons at home. Lee asks help from monster hunters, but they aren't much help, seems the kids have to do it all alone.

Seems like a fun play. the script tells you all that you need for decor and lights. I could actually see the play before me while reading. Maybe one day I can see it as a play.

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