Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Guest Post: The Labyrinth Wall and Haunted Realm by Emilyann Girdner

The-Labyrinth-Cover6v4---Amazon-2The Labyrinth Wall:
Read Amazon Best-Seller, Reader’s Favorite 5 Star rated, Dante Rossetti Award 2014 Finalist novel, The Labyrinth Wall, the first book in the Obsidian Series. Imagine a story set in an epic fantasy world like The Hobbit with a dark dystopian feel (and it is written to be a quick read like The Hunger Games). This adventurous tale will transport you into a magical but deadly world with new races, creatures, heroes and villains that you won’t soon forget. Even Sean Astin (from Lord of the Rings, Goonies, Rudy, and 50 First Dates) got a copy of The Labyrinth Wall and tweeted about it.
Araina’s lonely teenage life is forever altered when she witnesses a man with supernatural powers emerge through a rippling wall into the dark and deadly labyrinth she calls home. She is left to solve the mysteries of who he is, why he has special abilities and what is on the other side of the labyrinth wall through which he came.
The Labyrinth Wall Ebook: Amazon  | The Labyrinth Wall Paperback: AmazonBarnes & Noble and Books-A-Million
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5.0 out of 5 stars
Amazing Dystopian Fantasy
By Ellen P. Lafleche-Christian
I’m a big fan of fantasy fiction provided it isn’t super sweet and cute and I am so glad I read The Labyrinth Wall. The Labyrinth Wall is a great adventure with a dystopian fantasy feel. Ariana and Darith go from one exciting adventure to another which makes the book impossible to put down. There is a constant quest to learn whether there is really something better outside the labyrinth walls. If you enjoy books like The Hobbit (with a slightly lighter feel), you will definitely enjoy The Labyrinth Wall by Emilyann Girdner. I can’t wait to read the next book.
4.0 out of 5 stars
Awesome Adventure
By Desert Rose Reviews
I enjoy books about puzzles, mysteries, riddles, adventure and suspense. Some of the best books for those ingredients are stories involving a labyrinth. There aren’t many books that deliver the same kind of entertainment and excitement as a well-written labyrinth adventure. This is one such book, and is one I really enjoyed.


The-Haunted-Realm-Cover12-bgnameThe Haunted Realm:
The Haunted Realm is the thrilling sequel to Young Adult Fantasy novel The Labyrinth Wall (Tweeted by Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings, Dante Rossetti Award Finalist, 5 Star Reader’s Favorite Rated and Amazon Best-Seller).
In this riveting continuation of the story, Araina again faces a series of seemingly impossible magical obstacles. As Araina and her friends search for answers about their Creators and their magical labyrinth world, their journey becomes rife with peril when Araina falls victim to illness. Despite heart-pricking losses in the labyrinth swamps, vengeful ghostly attackers in the Blinking Willows, and many other dangerous obstacles, Araina is determined to succeed. If Araina can’t solve the mysteries of the haunted realm and find a cure for her sickness, she and her friends may never escape the labyrinth, or even live to try. 
The Haunted Realm Ebook: Amazon | The Haunted Realm Paperback: AmazonBarnes & Noble and Books-A-Million

                                    Guest Post:

Guest Post 3: Stargate Wars!
Hi Everyone,
In addition to my novel writing, I also quite enjoy running on my own blog, on which I often feature a movie mash up. Today, I’d like to invite you to check out one of my favorite previous mash ups to write, “Stargate Wars.” 
Stargate Wars
(A Stargate and Star Wars Move Mash up)

Today we were able to intercept a brief informal surveillance report from Co. Jack O'Neill describing a newly discovered planet. The natives refer to this planet as Tattoine.

Col. O'Neill's report:
They have Igloos in the desert. I think they missed the point…
I recommend SPF 110+ (that exists right?)

Sun glasses: not optional!

Seems there could be a genealogical link between one of the life forms here and gophers.


Exercise extreme caution when blowing nose on Tattoine. What's left in your tissue may come to life and turn into a massive, slimy, talking blob.


Grossly misunderstood desert "ground monsters." Turns out they don't eat food; actually thrive off of solar energy. 


Odd, mobile trash receptacles around here.


 Strange little cloaked Wizards display unusual fascination with the trash receptacles. 


Thank you all for putting up with my mash up silliness… I just can’t help myself, haha! 
Keep Imagining,

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