Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review Woven Wishes by Karen Pokras

Through thick and thin, heels and flats, our secrets stay within. We’re not just friends, we’re sisters, too. Bound by blood until the end.
On the surface life seems pretty good for the three Haines sisters. So many wishes have already come true for Ava, Holly, and Tessa. However, things aren’t always as they appear. Dreams were given up over the years, while others still remain unfulfilled and out of reach. And what about unexpected wishes? The ones nobody ever thought they’d have to hope for—the ones that will leave them shaken to the core, wondering what lies ahead. They’ve always been able to pull through thanks to the support they give each other, yet sometimes, even a sisterly bond isn’t enough. Will Ava, Holly, and Tessa see their ultimate wishes finally come true?

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Loved this book, the girls are great, tight sisters. the story was well written, nice pace, I only wished I had the other books read too, I have the feeling that the feel for the story and the characters will get more justice if you do. But as I said still a good book, you can read it alone.

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