Thursday, November 27, 2014

Review: Damsel Not by Kristina Circelli

In the days of old, one knight fought to save the maiden he loved – a battle that ended in a bloody promise for the future.
In the days of the 21st Century, Izz doesn’t believe in prophecies. A recent widow, she struggles to find the passion that once fueled her life – a passion that is reignited the day a knight in disguise cuts into her life in a flash of swordplay and seductive grins.
Izz doesn’t want to love him. The guilt of moving on nearly crushes her, yet she finds herself unable to resist the touch, the feel, the scent of the man who leaves her breathless with just one look. But each day Izz finds herself drawn to Cade, the more danger she finds herself in, for someone believes Izz to be at the center of an ages-old prophecy – and will do anything to stop it.
When threatening messages turn even more dangerous, Izz must rediscover a part of herself she’s never known before and fight to save her knight in shining armor. With only a sword passed down throughout the generations to guide her, Izz must prove to her adversary that unlike maidens of old, she will never be a damsel in distress.
Kristina Circelli’s first contemp romance with a slight touch of fantasy, for readers 18+

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Great book, when you like romance this is a must read.
I Loved Izz a widow who is mourning her husband's dead, she locks herself up in her house, Her girlfriend won't have it they take her out and when everything becomes to much and Izz just want to leave fur awhile, she s surprise to find out that her friends dropped everything and go with her.
The go to a castle were they can dine and watch a knight show, the hero picks her to fight for, he is a very handsome man and Izz can't her eyes off him. Ater the show they can meet the knights chat some and make pictures, the knight Cade asks her out, she has her doubts but agrees. Will they and up together? Find that out for yourself

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